Moving away from Arduino?

Just a small update, while most of my content has been geared towards beginners and as such, I’ve used the Arduino for showing code, I think I’m going to move towards using pure AVR C instead.

I’ll try to link this page or some sort of tutorial page for converting between the two somewhere, but I think it’ll be better for me in the long run.

I still use the Arduino IDE for throwing something together really quickly, but a catch 22 is that it obscures a lot of the lower level work which if we want to be good Computer Engineers, we need exposure to.

I have used following the following book:

    Title: Make: AVR Programming
    Author(s): Elliot Williams
    Release date: February 2014
    Publisher(s): Make: Community
    ISBN: 9781449355784

It’s really easy to read and use. Here is the associated git hub to it: and my fork

Luckily I come from a C background so learning AVR C hasn’t been that hard.

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