Lessons Learned from #CleanMiGovt

Well, I said that I’d be out of town for the month of June; however, here I am back home.

This was a campaign to turn the Michigan state legislature from full time to part time. I can’t say too much thanks to a NDA, but I can talk about the campaign.

Now my job was titled a “field staffer” and my role was to collect signatures for this petition. I was recruited and contracted to work for specific hours (the contract is out there for those willing to look), and in return my housing and some other expenses were to be covered by the campaign.

This is all good so far and I’d say normal, contrary to what Progress Michigan might say.1

However, things were not to be good for that long. From what I can tell, there was little to no advertising budget (outside of some Google adSense that prominently featured Brian Calley’s name). There was a Twitter campaign that was spawned and asked that field staffers to use the #CleanMiGovt (looking on Twitter for posts prior to Wednesday June 21 will show that most posts are made by campaign staffers).

As a direct result of this, many people did not know about the campaign and what it was for and therefore were reluctant to sign.

Now it should be very important to note one of the people involved with the campaign, Cliff Maloney Jr.


Now Cliff had a very important idea and contribution to this campaign that I can not disclose. However, despite pushback from Libertarian Groups ([1],[2]), I think that his main involvement is to put this brilliant idea to use.

Unfortunately, this campaign appears to have hit a dead end. I do think that Mr. Maloney’s idea is excellent and I encourage him to deploy it in other campaigns that he gets involved with.

Interestingly enough, one of the campaign talking points was to eliminate the pension for the State Legislature. I find this to be extraordinary interesting as this has already happened in the MI State House. Granted these are a series of laws and not a constitutional amendment, but very interesting none the less.


Anyway, that’s all I can say for now, but fret naught, as there will be more updates in the future. 😉

1: That is actually a really well written and researched article. It is an excellent example of investigative journalism and I commend the author on it. The only downside is that it attacks the staffers and not the idea.

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