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@Anicorn_Watch The Trio of Time “Hidden Time Watch”

A while back I came across this Kickstarter for an interesting watch concept. I looked at it, watched the video, decided to back it and was an “Early Bird”. Eagerly waiting, my watch finally came in over the weekend. It … Continue reading

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PIC Watchdog Timers

I’m an admitted newbie to PIC uCs, but I thought I’d share a quick thing I just ran into and it deals with the watchdog timer. I recently purchased some PIC16F722A-I/SP from Arrow, because unlike the PIC16F877A, these don’t need … Continue reading

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6-chip BASIC computer with Z8671

I’ve had some Z8671 chips for a while and I wanted to build a BASIC computer (get it?). I just wanted it up and running (for now) and I came across this Hackaday Post and related GitHub. I learned from … Continue reading

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Quickie Problem with STM32F103C8T6

I just ran into a quick problem with my STM32F103C8T6 that I got to play with. Whenever I tried to upload code, I kept getting this error: Error in initializing ST-Link device. Reason: No device found on target. I know … Continue reading

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Generic Action Cam Initial Impressions (iSpring)

I picked up this camera off Amazon for $40 and wanted to use it as a cheap dash cam. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be possible (at least not easily, I’ll post a couple hacking posts later). So let’s just … Continue reading

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Hey everyone, I plan on doing some reviews of various gadgets that I get from a “what is this and should I get it” type of stance. As a tease, I have a knock-off GoPro that I’ll do first; however, … Continue reading

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XBox 360 Chatpad Hacking

So I was watching an old episode of The Ben Heck Show on creating a pocket BASIC computer and in it, he mentioned using an XBox 360 Chatpad as the keyboard and reprogramming it as a serial keyboard instead. Interested, … Continue reading

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Writing an IRC bot

Some students wanted me to get involved with GHOULL again, and I agreed to. However, these guys will be in charge and I’ll just be lecturing.. Anyway, I decided we should have an IRC channel (freenode #GHOULL) and if we’re … Continue reading

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Getting Started with the BeagleBone PocketBeagle

Arrow current has a sale where when you spend over $20, you get upgraded to overnight shipping for free! I saw this through an e-mail through them and I had just heard about the Pocket Beagle so I decided I’d … Continue reading

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Thoughts on #LasVegasShooting

On Sunday night, October 1st, 2017, during an outdoor concert several shots were fired from a hotel room in Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. So far, over 60 deaths and more than 500 injuries are reported. This act of bitter … Continue reading

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