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Arduino I2C to SPI with SC18IS602B

I’m going to be doing some neat things with an STM32F030 and since it’s a limited pin number, I want to maximize my pins and I want to make it somewhat expandable\hackable, so because of this, almost everything is going … Continue reading

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Foie Gras Mr. President?

Today was the day that many of us Americans had been waiting for: the big US-Russia summit in Helsinki, Finland. This came off of a gaffe filled week while in the UK where the President insulted U.K. Prime Minister Theresa … Continue reading

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Seven Segment (Common ANODE) on Arduino

It feels like forever since I’ve posted! However, I have a very small post for beginners. We’re going to use an Arduino to drive a single digit seven segment display. Why something so simple? So this way we can build … Continue reading

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Follow up to the Z08671-BASIC

Not too long ago, I talked about making a 6 chip basic computer with z8671. I did finally do a layout and I’m going to have the board made by JLCPCB to see how they are. I was recommended them … Continue reading

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Working with stm8 in Linux

I was ordering some uCs a while back and I saw that the STM8 Discovery and decided to pick it up, because I needed something to get free overnight shipping. I’ve recently decided to look at it again and thought … Continue reading

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Introduction to the M/M/1 Queue

For one of my projects, I needed to learn how to build an M/M/1 event simulator. I thought I’d post this for everyone to see and perhaps this might help you if you’re in a Queuing Theory class. Let’s start … Continue reading

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@Anicorn_Watch The Trio of Time “Hidden Time Watch”

A while back I came across this Kickstarter for an interesting watch concept. I looked at it, watched the video, decided to back it and was an “Early Bird”. Eagerly waiting, my watch finally came in over the weekend. It … Continue reading

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PIC Watchdog Timers

I’m an admitted newbie to PIC uCs, but I thought I’d share a quick thing I just ran into and it deals with the watchdog timer. I recently purchased some PIC16F722A-I/SP from Arrow, because unlike the PIC16F877A, these don’t need … Continue reading

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6-chip BASIC computer with Z8671

I’ve had some Z8671 chips for a while and I wanted to build a BASIC computer (get it?). I just wanted it up and running (for now) and I came across this Hackaday Post and related GitHub. I learned from … Continue reading

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Quickie Problem with STM32F103C8T6

I just ran into a quick problem with my STM32F103C8T6 that I got to play with. Whenever I tried to upload code, I kept getting this error: Error in initializing ST-Link device. Reason: No device found on target. I know … Continue reading

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