Quickie: Linux on the STM32F429 Discovery

For a while now, I’ve wanted to run Linux on an STM32F4, ever since I was working on CAPE.

I knew about running Linux on the Discovery Boards that had an LCD Screen, but never bothered to pick one up until recently.

I saw on eLinux that they had instructions, so I tried to follow them, but I really had trouble understanding them. Luckily, they have a quickstart but it needs some tweaks. I’ve provided a patch for the device tree overlay for the stm32f429 discovery and if you clone from my repo then it should work. As of writing, I’ve only tested it on my Ubuntu system, so I’ll need to fix it to work on OpenSuSE.

stflash does have some issues with libraries, you’ll see something like it complaining about it missing libusb.so.0 or some other. If you search your system, then you’ll see it exists, but it is in some unusual place, so I just softlinked in a lot of places. I’ll probably need to submit a patch to stflash to fix those since it’s kind of annoying.

But anyway, just clone the repo and execute quickstart.sh and you should be pretty much good. It’ll take care of itself for the most part. Reach out to me if there are issues and I’ll see what I can do. I did make a copy of the initramfs which you can find here in case it gets removed from elinux. I’ll probably eventually fork the other repos mentioned in the script just for safety.

If you do want a good understanding of what’s going on at a lower level, then this video gives a lot of great information and I encourage you to watch it regardless if you’re using quickstart or not:

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