TV Time! On the go! Part 1

Not too long ago, YouTube recommended this video to me about hacking a Sony Watchman:

I thought that was pretty neat and wondered what I could do with one, so I was able to pick one up for like $20, but if I just redid the experiment shown, then that would be boring and we may run out of those in the future. So instead, I purchased a Citizen Compact Pocket B&W LCD TV 06-TA (Which apparently cost $88!).

As we open this, we’ll see a TV tuner in there that we’ll want to remove. It is 10 pins and a pain in the butt to remove. I’ve highlighted the pins that connect to the tuner.

Now, with that removed, we can start looking at the good stuff! As mentioned in the above video, we have a MS1348FP on our board. Now, I didn’t go yanking it away, but I did experiment as shown below:

Now that we know this is the chip, we can remove it and (ab)use the datasheet and it’s pins for a composite out.

However, after removing it and hooking everything up, I found that composite video out isn’t quite right and has sync issues, so I’m going to have to come back with a follow up. 🙁

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