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A while back I came across this Kickstarter for an interesting watch concept.

I looked at it, watched the video, decided to back it and was an “Early Bird”. Eagerly waiting, my watch finally came in over the weekend. It was promised in October, but if you really think any Kickstarter campaign will be delivered on time, then you are going to be very disappointed.

So, let’s talk about this watch!

The good:

  • Firstly I opted for a metal band and it is hands down one of the best bands I’ve ever had for a watch. It is very robust, easy to adjust, and it doesn’t take off all of your arm hair.
  • Next is the glass, the glass on here is very nice to look at and is claimed to be sapphire glass (I don’t have the means to test or verify this). I do think it’s going to last a long time and not crack easily. It has a nice smooth feel and I can’t detect any imperfections by running my fingers and nails over it

The bad:

  • I got the “rose gold” color, but as it sits in front of me, it doesn’t have the right sheen of rose gold and more of a blanched copper.
  • This watch sits at 1/3 of an inch (8.5mm or 6 pennies stacked on each other) thick and I think that is remarkably thick. I think it should be at least half that size. After opening up the back, it appears that there is a lot of wasted space.
  • Speaking of opening up the back, it is really simple. This could easily be some generic watch guts.
  • Finally, what I was really disappointed in was the movement. I was thinking there was going to be a solid purple disk and the hour hand was just going to be a moving opacity filter. This isn’t the case. It is a gradient disk going from purple to white and moves as one unit. Kind of boring and also kind of cheap. I’d also note that the pictures show the gradient extending well over 180 degrees, but on mine, while it does extend past that, it is effectively non-existent past 135.

Overall thoughts:

Am I sad or do I regret that I backed this campaign? No.

Did I overpay at $140 USD? Oh yeah. Knowing what I know now, I would say that this timepiece is worth $100 at most, but I’d say it shouldn’t be sold for less than $56.

Should you get one? At the retail price of $220 (which by the way is significantly less than what the Kickstarter stated…) then there are much better watches to buy. For example, this Seiko.

Numerical review? 3/10. The biggest problems are it’s price, hour hand, and generic guts. You can slap a designer’s name on it, but it is still just an average over-priced watch.

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