Writing an IRC bot

Some students wanted me to get involved with GHOULL again, and I agreed to. However, these guys will be in charge and I’ll just be lecturing..

Anyway, I decided we should have an IRC channel (freenode #GHOULL) and if we’re going to do that, then we should have a bot!

I found this guide for basic bot writing and wrote my own which can be found here.

It’s a very basic an primitive bot and needs a lot of improvements; however, I did want to mention some notes:

  1. As mentioned in the README, you’ll php5-sockets (or whatever version of php you’re using)
  2. Don’t try to send a lot of data, you’ll get throttled and then messages will be lost. You can get around this by giving your bot a voice with the following command:

    /msg ChanServ #GHOULL add GHOULL_bot +V
  3. All commands end with a `:` so

    write_socket($socket, "PRIVMSG #GHOULL: my text");

    This is important otherwise things will get messed up.
  4. sqlite and sqlie3 are not the same thing and the APIs are not compatible.

Those are the three big challenges that I’ve faced so far; however, I’m sure there will be more and I’ll try to remember to put them in the README.

The code is a little messy and uncommented; however, I tried to make everything as basic as I could. The hard stuff is in scripts/*.php as that deals with interacting with sqlite.

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