Thoughts on #LasVegasShooting

On Sunday night, October 1st, 2017, during an outdoor concert several shots were fired from a hotel room in Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

So far, over 60 deaths and more than 500 injuries are reported.

This act of bitter hatred and terror has now surpassed the Pulse Nightclub as the most deadly mass shooting in US History. The Pulse took place on June 12, 2016 — not even two years ago.

At this point in time, motives are not known; however, what is known is the following:

  1. Over 23 weapons were found[1][2]
  2. The weapons were modified with a “bump stock” to have them behave like an automatic[3]
  3. The weapons are believed to have been purchased legally[4][5]
  4. He is believed to have acted alone[6]

Now, people are divided on weather or not the shooter is a terrorist. I’m on the belief that he is.

This isn’t your “run of the mill” shoot up a liquor store for $200. This is cold, calculated, and methodical.

Suppose that the shooter just “snapped” and decided to go on a killing spree. This still wouldn’t make sense. If his goal was to kill people, then there are far better ways to do that (i.e. IED, plowing a truck, and so on).

There is also some speculation that this is due to his gambling. News organizations have found larges bets totaling over $20,000 prior to the event; however, the man was rich and reported to be a millionaire[6]. So while losing that much money would have not been fun (regardless of how much you have), it doesn’t add up that the money would have been a motivating factor.

Suppose that this was his first time gambling and he decided to bet $10,000. People won’t do that unless they are already in a desperate place, which could give motivation for killing (the idea that there is nothing left to live for); however, he is known to have gambled (especially video poker) prior to the incident[6]. So I’m skeptical that this is the cause.

The shooter is known to have some sort of involvement with a woman; however, I’ve read conflicting reports that the woman is a girlfriend, friend, or roommate. At this time, she is not believed to have known about the shooting; however, police are interested in her. She is currently outside of the country[7]. I believe that she has clues about the incident — not to implicate her in the event; however, I think that she may have noticed things and didn’t pass them off, because they never “clicked” as being important. I want to be careful in my characterization of her, because I believe that she is innocent and is probably distraught by what happened, but I think that she has some sort of information that may be useful to police.

The shooter is not known to be of any particular religious or political ties. This leads many people to want to discount that as a motive; however, he could be private about them. Take me for example, I don’t wear my political beliefs on my shirt; however, if you read my tweets and this blog than you should know them and you should see my passion behind them. After 2006, I learned that is is better to act as if the person I’m talking to has the opposite political beliefs as me. This idea has allowed me to get through life and be able to properly communicate with people on both sides of the aisle.

Now, some people have expressed joy over the shooting because it was at a Country music event and would have been full of “Trump supporters”. I find this idea absolutely repulsive and the views of these people do not represent the Democrat party or even most people on who do not like the President.

These people need to be publicly shamed and called out for their disturbing and malicious thoughts. I did manage to capture a screen shot of someone wishing these things; however, I think that it is best to hold off on publishing it for now. The tweet has since been deleted (after reporting it) and it has gained infamy. Contrary to what the user believes, I think she is just being stupid and was seeking attention.


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