Remote Install of OpenSuSE

It’s time to update the network!

Most of the services I host have been running off of my main desktop which isn’t very safe, so I have this plan drawn out on my white board and I’m finally starting to implement it.

I’ll be using Tumbleweed from hereon out for my servers and I’ll stick with Leap for the desktop (because Nvidia…).

That said, I thought I’d try doing a remote install.

I plugged in a USB drive with the ISO “burned” on it and followed the standard procedure for remote install. A quick guide can be found here, but I’ll go over things just for fun.

At the boot screen, add the following boot options:

UseSSH=1 SSHPassword=unencrypted_password

I thought at that point, everything would be cool and I could just SSH into the box; however, it needs more user input than that.

You’ll first be required to say what language you want to use on your machine and then it’ll load Linux. After that, then it’ll prompt you for which network card to send a DHCP broadcast out to. This about five minuets, which is annoying to say the least.

I consider these prompts and the time it takes to be a problem. Suppose I wanted to just go into a datacenter, pop an install medium in, and put in those quick little boot parameters, then I’d be hosed as I couldn’t access my system remotely!

I know I’m nitpicking and that I should just do my installs with AutoYaST and the questions do actually make sense; however, it just isn’t what I expected.

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