SSL is live!

So, for those of you who want to connect securely, the option is now available.

Secure Version

This is made with my own CA and keys, so you’ll get a warning, but as long as these fingerprints match up, then you’re good:

SHA1 Fingerprint 6B:55:C4:32:6A:72:B6:CA:29:2A:CE:E7:24:FA:B8:44:EE:70:C8:7A
SHA-256 Fingerprint 46:B8:6A:6B:D8:FE:39:45:25:AF:EB:53:B6:0D:73:38:50:34:8F:EC:21:C9:8A:4B:D3:2D:B6:8D:5D:BE:A1:14

Eventually, I won’t be so cheap and I’ll get this sort of info from a trusted certificate authority; however, this works for now.

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