Damn Justin Greiss (@LibertyGreiss) back at it again!

So word I’ve been told by multiple sources that Justin Greiss is still working on campaigning. This time he’s turned his eyes to my backyard of Missouri.

I’ve gotten mixed messages about this campaign. Some seem to indicate that this is going to be for Austin Petersen (a Senate Candidate in MO) and other that this is to preserve Missouri’s right-to-work status.

First an aside

Now driving up and down through the state, I’ll occasionally see black and orange bumper stickers that are similar to the image above, but I’m far more likely to see a NRA bumper sticker.

I’m personally neutral on the issue.

Unions were created and needed in a time when corporations were unscrupulous and abused their workers. These unions fought for basic protections and gave us the 40-hour work week. However, we live in a time when unions are now abusive to their corporations and need to be cut back.

Now there are some unions that I support, for example a local firefighters or police union who are making sure that they can provide for their family.

So to the big unions AFL-CIO, UAW([1],[2],[3]), and others don’t have too much love from me.

Back to the main story

Now back to Mr. Greiss, two stories have come out about the Michigan campaign [1][2].

Now the first article is really rather damning of YAL in general by the number of people who came forward to testify about the campaign and gave their names (this act appears to violate the NDA signed) and it shows lots of issues that Justin is partially to blame.

Some quick highlights are:

  • Unclear leadership and involvement
  • Alleged paranoia and the subsequent firing of James Millius
  • Lied to remaining staff after the June 18th incident

I’d encourage everyone to read the first article as it gives real insight into what many staffers were thinking at the time.

The second article really puts the egg on Cliff Maloney Jr’s and Justin Griess’s face. Apparently Lt. Gov. Calley has recently invalidated all of the signatures collected by the campaign. This is good in one sense since it gets rid of the fraudulent signatures; however, it destroys any attempt of getting the petition on the ballot. So all of the hard work that the staffers and field directors were for naught. Yes, this even means the work that Justin and Cliff put into the campaign by recruiting and deploying students to Michigan is all gone.

Now, since Mr. Griess is going to be nearby, I’m going to keep a good eye on the campaign he’s involved with here.

That said, if Mr. Griess would like to correct the record, then I’ll happily take the time to give him a fair interview and post it here and for others to hear. My DMs are always open to anyone and everyone.

PS, if you’re wondering about the title, then see the explanation for this terrible meme:

Edit: 2017-07-04

I wanted to clairify that any problems I have with unions are with the higher ups and not the hard workers who are just trying to provide for their families, send their kids off to college, and so on. Those guys are the backbone of America!

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