Portable Serial Console

I’ve thought of a fun project to try and work while waiting for my research team to get back to me: Create a portable serial console with the Arduino.

This shouldn’t be too hard. I mean it’s basically a FTDI FT232RL, ATMega328, and a character display.

What I want is to be able to take this console, plug it in to one of my machines and have dmesg be pumped out to it.

This means I’ll probably have to write a driver for it (which shouldn’t be too hard) and then figure out a way to trigger it.

Some problems I see are how to separate this FTDI device with an Arduino “Pro Mini” (aka those cheap things you get off of eBay). I’m sure others will come up later, but that’s the biggest one I see right now.

Wiring diagrams and code will be available once completed.

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