Hacking the Amazon Dash Rev 02 Button

So this is just a quickie, but Amazon recently put their dash buttons on sale for $0.99 for the second birthday.

Now, I’ve read that these things can be hacked to run arbitrary code, so I decided to pick up two. One was to try the service out and the other was for fun and profit.

Trying to open the thing up, I saw something was off. Apparently I had an updated one as the screws were not present under the sticker as before.

So, a quick search lead me to this page and showed me how to open it. Some more searching said it is currently not possible to reprogram it, because Amazon soldered the reprogram lead to ground (and thus saving the contents of flash).

However, I also read that the MCU was a BGA. If that was true, then I would have ended my travels right there, but there was some gunk on the side that made me think that wasn’t true.

After some careful scraping with an Xacto knife, I was able to determine that this was a (L?)QFP. Still hard to work with, but something can probably be done. to an interesting observation and further illustrates the erase to ground pin situation.

That all said, I’ll have to read the datasheet, but there still might be hope for this guy.

Updated 2017/04/12:
Fix some typos

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