Learning P5.js

I’ve been asked to take a look at using JavaScript for making a spectrum analyzer to translate Morse Code.

I’ve never really messed with the idea of bringing music into programming, despite having a music background.

Some research showed that I’ll need to learn Fourier Transformations and that’s cool and all, but I suck at Calculus and don’t really want to exert the energy learning a new Maths for a programming assignment (especially when there are other things out there).

The first thing I came across was this javascript spectrum analyzer on GitHub It looks nice and all, but I don’t just want to copy and paste code. I want to understand it. And since this is based on Fourier Transformations, that still requires me to read…and I’m lazy.

However, what I’m using right now is called p5.js in addition to that, I’ve been following some videos that were posted online. If you’re reading this and haven’t programmed before, I’d suggest giving them a check out. The instructor is a little silly, but I think his stuff is digestible for beginners.

Once I’m finished, I’ll upload the code somewhere on there, but it is Javascript. I’m not going to try and do anything shifty, but use best practices whenever allowing messing with Javascript, files, and web-to-computer access.

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