Trump on Voter Fraud

CNN and Fox News have reported that President Trump has called for an investigation into an alleged wide spread voter fraud:

His claims that three to five million votes were cast illegally.

If this were the case than of the 138,884,643 votes cast, at worst about 4 percent are fraudulent. Although 4% may seem like a small amount, it can have a significant effect on the election results (depending on where the votes are cast).

Now, the reason why Donald Trump lost the popular vote in the 2016 election is because of California. On the electoral map, it is the most under-represented state in the union at 55 electoral votes. For those who are conservative, this is a good thing; however, for those who dislike the electoral college, this is just fuel to the fire. However, there has not been any concrete evidence of that.

Those are the facts. Now, I consider myself to be very conservative, and that’s why I don’t like Donald Trump. All of that aside, who cares? He won the election! He is sworn in as the new president. It’s done! It’s over with! Even Joe Biden says it’s over!

Now, just recently, Republicans have been accusing the Democrats and media of trying to undermine his presidency and challenge his legitimacy. I will agree, that it appears that members in power were trying to undercut him as a president. My assumption is that this was done so that we could have nice shiny campaign ads in 2018 that feature these accusations.

However, it appears that President Trump is trying to undermine and de-legitimize his own presidency by calling for funds to be spent chasing (what I believe to be) a unicorn. I think that any results that come out of this investigation will be minimal; however, I expect President Trump to claim victory. Long story short, why are you doing this Mr. President? You should be working to “Make America Great Again”.

In the event the above tweets are deleted

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